An Invitation

We cordially invite you to participate as a sponsor at the 4
th Conference of the International Plant Proteomics Organization being held September 13th to 16th at the Toronto Convention Centre in the heart of downtown Toronto, Canada.

Sponsors will have an opportunity to network and interact with delegates, both purchasing decision-makers (principal investigators) and post-docs/students – future decision-makers. The Vendors’ area will be the same location as the posters and will be where both poster sessions and coffee breaks will be held. Vendor booths will be advertised during the meeting and delegates will be encouraged to visit booths. A limited number of oral sessions are also available for interested sponsors hoping to showcase new instruments or products in the form of a short talk.

This conference is the fourth in a series of biennial conferences hosted in Hamburg, Germany (2014), Bratislava, Slovakia (2016) and Padova, Italy (2018). The conference series is unique because it is the only conference with a global reach that focuses entirely on
Plant Proteomics – a topic that is usually relegated to a single session in Plant or Proteomics conferences. The programme is divided into three symposia, each led by an invited plenary speaker with international standing in the subject area.

Previous Conferences:

INPPO2014: Attended by approximately 140 delegates.

INPPO2016: Attended by approximately 120 delegates, sponsored by Total Labs; Decodon; Eurisotop; Agrisera; Conviron.

INPPO2018: Attended by approximately 120 delegates, sponsored by ThermoFisher Scientific; Proteomes; Frontiers in Plant Science. Special Issue published in Frontiers in Plant Science.

We anticipate the participation of researchers from a variety of disciplines, with a large contingent from Europe and significant contingents from North America and the Far East. We have a number of packages available to suit your marketing requirements. If you wish to suggest an item that is not listed in our package, we welcome your inquiry.

We look forward to welcoming you.

INPPO2020 Local Organizing Committee
Friends of INPPO  $500-2000

  • Company logo placed on INPPO website;
  • Acknowledgment during opening and closing of conference sessions;
  • Access to list of participants;

Bronze Sponsor. $2500

  • Friends plus:
  • Company logo on all conference call letters;
  • Option of a display booth;

Silver Sponsor. $5000

  • Bronze plus:
  • Company logo on all conference call letters;
  • Right to display a banner with your logo in the registration area;
  • Advertising (half page) in conference programme;
  • Option to distribute material at registration;

Gold Sponsor $7500+

  • Sliver plus:
  • Advertising on first page(s) of conference programme (full page);
  • Option to include brochure in registration handouts;
  • Option to give a 20 minute presentation.
TO PARTICIPATE PLEASE CONTACT: Janette Champ (janette@etpsymposium.org)
or Christof Rampitsch (

Exhibition area. The exhibition area will be common with the coffee break area and the poster displays to maximize traffic for vendors. Space size will typically be an 8 x 8 foot block with a 6 foot table and two chairs.

Lunches. If you are interested in providing a lunch workshop, please contact Janette (Local Organizing Committee. Any company hosting a Lunch workshop would be required to purchase food and beverage and provide to those individuals who wish to participate the workshop.